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Brooklin Models


Since 1974, Brooklin Models has been creating 1/43 scale miniatures of American automotive classics, focusing on the time period between the 1930s and the early 1960s. They produced milestone cars such as the 1935 Studebaker Commander, the 1941 Packard Clipper, and the 1953 Buick Skylark, as well as some unique automobiles, such as the 1936 Stout Scarab, 1938 Phantom Corsair, and the 1957 Rambler Rebel.

Brooklin Models began in the small rural town of Brooklin, located 35 miles northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, created by John Hall, a design engineer at the University of Toronto.

The earliest models cast in white metal did not have windows in clear plastic, no rear windows at all, and their tyres were made of white rubber. However, by 1977, the models were improved, complete with details of windshield wipers, clear plastic windows, and licence plates.

In 1979, John and Jenny Hall returned to England, setting up in Bath, Somerset. The models are hand-crafted from original plans and patterns and are individually painted in authentic colours with chromed brightwork, white wall tyres where applicable and simulated glass windows."

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